The Fresh Hope Project is designed to help women and children who are survivors of homelessness and human trafficking by providing access to the basic necessity of fresh undergarments.

The Fresh Hope Project is a collaboration endeavour between A Fresh Start CLT & Hope Vibes.

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Women experiencing homelessness or the aftermath of surviving human trafficking undergo serious trauma. The issues they are forced to confront are complex. These more complex issues are often most visible... but the simple needs hidden underneath the surface often go unnoticed and unaddressed.

Hope Vibes and A Fresh Start CLT have had first hand experience working with women and their children faced with surviving homelessness and human trafficking. In doing so, we discovered that one of those low visibility, high need issues they face is lack of access to adequate undergarments that are clean and that fit.

Can you imagine going through life with only 1-2 sets of undergarments and limited access to clean them? As a woman, simply put, this is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. However, as a community, this is a challenge that can be easily overcome TOGETHER!

We are inviting YOU to help us in this mission of restoring dignity from the inside out by giving FRESH HOPE through access to greatly needed undergarments. That’s right! YOU can help! There’s nothing like putting on a fresh pair of underwear and a brand new bra to make you feel confident under your clothes. So we are asking for donations of brand new bras and underwear of all sizes for women and children!