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Helping Others Supports Mental Health @ Belmont Abbey College

The Hope Vibes team enjoyed hanging out with the #students and staff of Belmont Abbey College this weekend during their #FreshCheckDay! This is a signature program of the Jordan Porco Foundation to bring awareness of #MentalHealth resources + coping strategies to #college campuses. One component of this is the idea that helping others has a way of helping ourselves, too. Studies have shown that volunteering has positive effects on mental health by creating a sense of #purpose & satisfaction, and increasing #social connectedness, which protects against #isolation and #stress.

So that's where #HopeVibes involvement came in! We provided students with the opportunity to prepare #hygiene kits and Hope Cards for our #homeless neighbors. It was great way for the students to #serve and for us to have some awesome conversations with them!

With that being said, if YOU aren't volunteering SOMEWHERE, find a group (if not with us 🙃😉😘) to plug in and serve!

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