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Crown Partner Alert!

What’s a Crown Partner you ask?

First of all, Hope Vibes Inc. deeply appreciates every single individual that has contributed to sustaining our services for the homeless! We couldn’t do it without you all!

A Crown Partner is usually a church, company, organization or business that wants to contribute 10K or more toward all that’s needed to build, maintain and operate the Hope Tank in our designated area.

In the Triad, we are sooooooo close to having our very own Hope Tank covering Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point!

It’s February and folks in our community still need solutions for obtaining a shower, access to a toilet and sink regularly, and having their laundry done. This is basic human care y’all!

And not just any shower or laundry service! The environment we aim for is that of living in a home in your own bathroom with no time limit to your hot shower. Volunteers come to wash and fold our homeless neighbors laundry, we aim to be kind, and show compassion.

We bring these basic needs to where our homeless community are. We go to where they feel safe to be. That’s important too!

Recently, our serve days almost always include barbers now, Polaroid pictures for our homeless neighbors to take afterwards, free clothes from Woshbox, a local cleaners with a heart for the homeless, and lastly opportunities to bring food from other groups is growing.

New Church officially has graciously committed to sponsor Hope Vibes Triad for the next 3 years!!!

Yes, I said it, tres, trey, thrice…lol!

Making them a Crown Sponsor, for our future new- Hope Tank in the Triad! But in addition to that, they have opened up their facility, and parking lot to be a location to serve if and when needed! New Church are also committed to volunteering with Hope Vibes as opportunities arise.

You can too!!!!

Reach out to us, if you’d like to serve. We need a few more crown partners that can help in this way!

Also, opportunities to sort out supplies and to collect donations will be announced later this month for the Triad area!

We look forward to hearing from you! It takes a community, this is our community!

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