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HV Laundry Van

In our unwavering commitment to serving our neighbors experiencing homelessness, we proudly introduce our innovative HV Laundry Van. This mobile solution is designed to bring practicality, compassion, and a renewed sense of dignity to those who need it most.

🧺 **Onboard Laundry Facilities**: Our fully-equipped van features a powerful set of washers and dryers, capable of handling laundry needs of all sizes. Whether it's a few essential garments or an entire load, we're here to lighten the load.

💧 **Onboard Water Supply**: Cleanliness knows no boundaries. Our van comes prepared with its own water supply, ensuring that we can provide a complete laundry experience anytime, anywhere. Fresh, flowing water is at the heart of what we do.

🔌 **Onboard Power**: Empowering change means being prepared. Our van is fitted with onboard power sources, ensuring seamless operation for our washers and dryers. We're ready to serve, wherever the need arises.

🌟 **Innovation for Impact**: Our Laundry Van is more than just a vehicle; it's a symbol of our dedication to creative, impactful solutions. We take our services directly to neighborhoods, shelters, and community events, working tirelessly to bring comfort and a brighter future to our neighbors.

Every load we wash is a testament to our belief in the power of small acts of kindness. Join us in our mission to provide clean clothes and restore hope.

Explore more about our Laundry Van and our tireless efforts to serve those experiencing homelessness in your community. Together, we can drive positive change, one load at a time.

where will the HV Laundry van go

The Hope Tank will serve the Charlotte - Metro area and surrounding cities. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @HopeVibesCLT or Click Here to stay up to date on Hope Tank dates, times and location.




Oct. 7th & Oct. 21th

9:30am - 2pm

4419 Tuckaseegee Rd.
Southern Comfort Motel
Charlotte, NC 28208



Oct. 21st

10:45am - 2pm

616 N.Tryon St
Behind O2 Lounge
Charlotte, NC 28202



10am - 2pm

258 W. Franklin Blvd
St. Mark's Episcopal
Gastonia, NC 28052



Oct. 28th

10:45am - 2:45pm

534 Spratt St
Salvation Army Center of Hope
Charlotte, NC 28206

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