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The Hope Tank is an mobile shower and laundry center aimed to provide dignity to our homeless neighbors. It houses two beautiful restrooms with toilets, sinks showers, filled with encouraging art work. Privacy, safety and comfort are the three major areas that we provide for any guest utilizing the Hope Tank. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes dignity and hope, giving our guests a renewed sense of purpose. Every shower is a single stall, with a sink, and toilet. Every Hope Tank guest will be accompanied by a Hope Vibes volunteer who will assist them in washing their clothing in the available washer and dryer. 

Currently the Hope Tank is not available due to repairs 

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The hope tanks build journey

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We have set our aim to bring awareness, hope and real solutions to the homeless epidemic in Charlotte through proper hygiene and conversation. We invite you to help us further our impact by becoming a monthly #Give30 partner…. committing to just $30 or more each month. Be sure to select which recurring option you prefer. One-time donations are also welcomed. Thank you for being a part of the Hope Vibes family!

Hope Vibes is a non profit (501 c3) organization. All donations are deemed tax-deductible. EIN number 83-1965620.

Hope Vibes reserves the right to designate funds to any area of Hope Vibes Inc.

Hope Tank Location
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