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  • Culture of Hope – We strive to build a culture of hope in everything we do. From our interaction with our homeless neighbors to our social media presence, hope is the life force that keeps up moving.

  • Compassion & Dignity – We value every individual we serve as human beings. As such, treating all with dignity and compassion is the ground zero of each developing relationship with our homeless neighbors. We see people. We value people. We honor people.

  • Community – We strive to engage, inspire and mobilize community members around a common purpose of bringing equitable access to tangible solutions for our homeless neighbors. 

  • Advocacy – We aim to be a voice for those often unseen and unheard, bringing awareness through disruption that provokes actionable change.

  • Relationships – We see everyone as a valued member of our community which deserves personable interactions that can transform into friendships.

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