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A message from John : Hope Vibes Triad

“I took a shower today…and it felt good.

Last 3 weeks have been a blur… lots of work hours, teenager stuff, family health issues, friends who had family members passing away, sleepless nights and…personal health issues.

A quick summary, woke up with extreme high blood pressure 200/100, light headedness, and after labs A1C is back in the pre-diabetes range.

I ended up needing a CT of the head and rest. CT was negative. Amen!

The next step has been discovering my new normal. I’ve never had consistent HBP.

Turns out my gene pool sent the lifeguard packing!

I’ve shared aspects of my story but I must share this part again. It is sobering.

Both my parents literally were dirt poor. They walked on dirt, many times with no shoes in the Dominican Republic, they lived and understood poverty like I never have.

I live in a house with all the amenities and then some. I have running water, and food in my fridge and pantry.

Because of the work I do, I take care of people through medical imaging (WFBI) and I minster to them in prayer. I work with amazing kind hearted people that only show me love!

I also receive income and benefits that allows me to get the medical care I’ve needed and that takes care of my family.

My parents didn’t have that.

The homeless community that we want to serve doesn’t have that.

I didn’t intend to write any of this today, it just dawned on me as I showered, that it felt good, to shower…

I don’t have all the answers for my health stuff, friends losses, family things, and other life challenges. I don’t have I feel, “some” of the answers for my homeless neighbors and those dealing with low-income issues…

But a shower helps! Getting laundry done for you, helps!

It cleared my head.

I spoke to Robert last week who lives on the street and he affirmed three times that a mobile shower and laundry service would help.

We all need hope today. Wherever you are, I know life could be very challenging. I’m praying for you.

I took a shower today…and it felt good…”


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