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Infused Hope - A Volunteers Experience

Being kind to others or doing "good deeds" isn't something I like to post about on social media, not because it isn't heartwarming to hear about people being kind to others but because I feel when you do good deeds, you don't need validation, praise or pats on the back becasue that isn't the point. However, I do feel it's important to highlight and spread awareness of movements and organization like Hope Vibes Inc, and the amazing work they do to serve our homeless community in our beautiful queen city. In hopes that it will inspire others to step outside their comfort zones and do something kind for someone they don't even know. I was given that opportunity today, to go out and spread hope to people that need it. The amazing thing though? I feel like God used this day to infuse hope in ME. To see so many people overjoyed by recieving a bag of chips or toothpaste and deordant, things we take for granted every single day. To watch a Little 4 year old boy get a new jacket and his mother the hygiene products she needed. To share smiles, tears and prayers with complete strangers. God humbled me 10 fold today. I am so thankful and inspired by all the people I got to serve along side with but even more inspired by the stories and moments I got to share with the people living everyday on the streets of our city. If you ever feel that tug on your heart to do something for someone else, follow it.

If your interested in learning more about what you can do for the homeless community here in Charlotte please go check out Hope Vibes Inc, They are doing mighty things! 🙌

-Taylor M.

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