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Big shout out to Jeremy!!!!

Jeremy has been apart of Hope Vibes from the beginning. He serves our homeless neighbors selflessly. He has always had a passion to provide aid to those who need it. Whether it be a motorist who may have car issues, to the person who is moving from the shelter to their new apartment, or the neighbor that needs their grass cut, Jeremy is there to spark HOPE through serving. Below is an exciting post he recently posted on Facebook about what recently has transpired.

Operation #BlessTheBlock is underway!!!

I've already done my neighbors yard in just under 20 minutes!!! 😁 Just picked up this commercial grade mower for a blessing of a deal of $300. (The previous owner is also a believer and gave me a heck of a deal to sow into the mission) 😲 I will be meeting with the local church entities in our neighborhood to see how we can show Christ unity as one body as we make sure the basic needs are met here. As most of you know I come out of pocket for almost everything but do accept anything that anyone would like to sow into what we're doing in Concord and Charlotte. If you're already sowing into the local #mission where you are then please keep doing so. If you're looking for an avenue to give to please pray first to make sure that this is ok. So far I have the big mower, a push mower, weed eater and blower along with basic yard tools. The next purchase will be a pressure washer. Thank you all who join in prayer and for those of you who have given towards the mission. All funds go to the #CashApp or #Venmo and are used only for Kingdom advancement. I do sow a good bit of my personal finances (which are God's anyway lol) up front and only ask for funds that will help sustain the work. Peace and Love family. 🥰💖🔥💪🏼👑💯

(I'm not starting a lawn care business. This is a free service done by Christ's body in Jesus name as God provides the time to do it on my off days. God already gave me a data communications business for my provision) #HesSoooooGood

It’s simple ... “Do what you can with what you have until you can do more” Jeremy has always been helping, serving others in need ... and with this new equipment he will be able to do more. The question is what are you doing with what you have???? #GiveHopeDaily

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