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Christmas with Hope Vibes Triad

Saturday Christmas in the City of Winston-Salem, NC, and Sunday Serve Day Canvassing the town!

Highlighting donors and volunteers that either donated items, after personally and or arranging hygiene drives at their jobs/business while others passed them out in town, plus our crown sponsor leading the way in helping Hope Vibes Triad to purchase a truck, very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (How soon? I don’t know? Stay tuned!!) (and…let’s get a few more donors!!!)

Everyday people being “Contagiously Kind.”

Christmas cards made for homeless neighbors and many types of donations given including socks, blankets, hats, chairs, feminine products, purses, make-up and so much more!

Let’s keep the movement going!

Thank you for all those in the pictures and those who work behind the scenes to serve those in great need consistently!

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