Coronavirus & Homeless / Anthony

So often government agencies and well meaning local community groups make plans and preparations in moments of crisis.... and well in general.... without first talking to the people they serve to hear their take on things and what they perceive their high priority needs to be. So on Thursday, some of our team went to spend time with some of our homeless neighbors to hear directly from them... just to see how they indiviually are doing and how #COVID19#Coronavirus is affecting them. This first interview is with our friend Anthony. Some of the things he shared, we anticipated.... but other things he shared came as a saddening surprise. From what Anthony shared, what stood out to you? What opportunities for solutions do you hear? What encouragment would you like to share with Anthony? Share your comments below... ⤵️⤵️⤵️ #GiveHopeDaily Note: Based on what Anthony shared, we reached out to the Men's Shelter to get clarity on operations during this crisis time. We are told that the Men's Shelter is open but at a limited capacity. They are accepting some guests, just not as many as usual in attempt to provide social distancing. They did not have an exact number of how many people they are willing to accomodate for shelter each day. They are just gauging it day by day according to the representative.

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