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December Hope Pop-Up

Thank you to the 18 volunteers that braved a #HopePopUp with us today! It was definitely full of adventure. These type of serving opportunities require A LOT of flexibility. This team did great! Thank you Propel Church for providing the coats. Thanks The King's Kitchen for providing blankets. Thanks SECU for providing snacks! And thanks Lasharee Rogers and Upper Room Outreach International for providing hygiene packs, gloves, hats and gift cards! #GiveHopeDaily #HopeVibes #Homeless #Charlotte Hope Vibes Inc

"It takes a community to reach a community" ... we are in this together! Today's "Hope Pop Up" was a rollercoaster of emotion and reality. It's always an honor to meet amazing neighbors, to be able to help them with needed items, give and receive hope. The Hope Vibes team today was great as well. I love to be able to expand a person's perspective in regards to the living conditions of our homeless neighbors. To help others see reality in Charlotte. It's like the tale of two worlds. Beautiful Christmas city with decorations, lights, Christmas trees and people enjoying the day ... then people resting / sleeping on benches wrapped in blankets just to stay warm, not having a warm home to go to.

We can end homelessness ... and we will! ---- Emmanuel Threatt

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