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Fun at Factory Church

On June 29th, Factory Church and the Hope Vibes team had a fun night, filled with conversations of HOPE, BBQ and fireworks. We are excited about the partnership that is being formed and the impact that will be made on the lives of countless people. They will be joining us on our next serve day, July 13th. Shout out to Pastor Andy for hosting us!

”Thanks Factory Church for letting us hang out with you tonight and share a little about the people we have the opportunity to serve through Hope Vibes Inc. So many of you came up to us afterwards, sharing stories of how you've also faced homelessness at one point in your life and now are eager to give back. Others shared a desire to use your gifts and talents to be a blessing to our neighbors living on the streets. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to join this HOPE movement 💜.”

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Alexis Olsen
Alexis Olsen
Aug 17, 2021

Good blog poost

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