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Happy 1st Birthday Hope Tank


Wow! We can’t believe a year has past since the #HopeTank was launched into service! It actually feels like it’s been on the streets with us for many years sometimes lol 😂.

So much has happened since the Hope Tank’s completion! This was our first prototype, so as we tested it in service, we found ways to modify and improve it’s systems for greater functionality and efficiency. As a result, we’ve learned so much! When we begin our next vehicles, they will be even better because of the steps we’ve taken in our creative process. And yes, you heard right! This is just the first of MANY Hope Tanks!!!!

It’s so funny because when we first started talking about building a mobile laundry + shower vehicle, I remember a person telling us ohhhh you all are not the first to ever talk about something like that… it will never happen! I’m so glad we didn’t take heed to such a mindset because here we are years later, with the full manifestation right in front of us! So no matter how grandeur the creative solutions you’re dreaming up are to others, the world around you needs you to ignore the naysayers and GO FOR IT!!!

Also… within the last year, we purchased the work van we desperately needed AND we moved into our very first warehouse space called the #InnovationHub! It’s still a work progress, but we are so thankful for the growth that helps us serve more people efficiently! Thanks to all of partners, supporters and volunteers who help make it all happen!!!

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This is SOOOO AWESOME! Bringing the service to the people rather than hundreds of our homeless neighbors/families having to make a way t the service. THAT is what serving looks like. Meet the people where they are!

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