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“Homeless Does Not Mean Hopeless”

Here is another post from our July Serve Day. Pastor Genette Howard, from The Restoration Place, shares a little about her experience.

“Oh, the things I learned walking the streets of uptown Charlotte for #nationalserveday!

Homeless does not mean hopeless or faithless or Godless or ungifted.

- I met some POWERFUL, beautiful people who happen to be homeless.

- One homeless man (no picture) prophesied to my husband, another church member, and me with such accuracy it made our head spin. We stood in awe of him and his awareness of God and spiritual things. He was drunk, but extremely intelligent, good-natured, and gentle. Before our encounter was over, he decided to pour out his beer. He’s struggling now, but his future is bright.

- The gentleman pictured is a profound poet! He blew me away with his poetry. He gave me a signed copy of his latest work. He’s homeless but not hopeless. He said he’s getting ready to elevate any day. Yes sir!

What a blessing!“

Learn more about The Restoration Place at

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