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Hopenomics Thru Art - July 2019 Serve Day

July’s Serve Day was one for the records, filled with loads of hope, conversations and ice cream. Below is a post that Jay, one of our volunteers, wrote on Facebook about Landon, an artist in the city.

“What a day already! I took some time away from our annual family reunion here in Charlotte to serve with a few local churches in the area. I met Landon, who’s been homeless for many years. We spent nearly an hour together sharing life stories. Even in his current season of life, there was a light in this brother that I know only God could provide. He shared with me that most of the men in his life were either dead or in jail. In his words, “although I’m on the streets, I’m not in jail.” He still had enough strength and self will to want to break that generational chain! I asked him if there was one word that would describe his life. He said, “perseverance”. Landon also loves to draw, and he allowed me to purchase this sketch of Princess Shuri, one of Braedyn’s favorite characters. I prayed with him and thanked him for being such a blessing to me. #serveday19 #ChurchoftheHighlands #HopeVibesInc

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