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I Am Going Home

By: Uchenna Le ChenChen

End of day, Monday! Whoohoo. Past 5. We made it. Well, almost.

Many of us are already foaming at the mouth thinking these thoughts of relief: “I am going home”.

Reflecting on this sentiment, I wonder if there are any other words more indicative of privilege than these.

Outside the good fortune depicted in the notion that there exists a restful place waiting for us called “home”, lies even greater yet subtly nuanced fortunes.

These words are most probably exhaled from behind the comfy position of paid employment, and uttered confidently without a single thought given to the means by which to be transported from here to there. The “how” or “where” is not a concern that bogs the mind. Just the “when”. Such great fortune. Well, at least it will be come 5:30pm, right?

It is unclear to me why some of us have, while others have not. What is clear, however, is that we are here to be our brother’s keeper. We can and should remember our homeless neighbors, many of whom cannot utter those words in truth or in peace.

Whether it is believed or not, it is a luxury to simply be able to utter those words. So the next time you say the words “I am going home”, please remember to lift up hands in gratitude, and actively strive towards giving hope, daily. Either on your own or alongside us - together.

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