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Life On Mission

I’m sitting here waiting for my ride uptown. And I’m watching a gentleman dig in multiple trash cans in search for food. It’s heartbreaking. I’ll probably look for a nearby restaurant shortly to get him something humane to eat if he hangs around.

I’m just leaving an event where we talked about the inequities surrounding funding for black-led, Black serving nonprofits. This is a perfect example of why it’s an essential conversation. The groups that are often in the trenches doing the work that nobody else wants to do or even see a true need for, lack the significant needed for greater impact. And yet, we continue to do the best we can with what we have.

This month is #BlackPhilanthropyMonth. Even beyond Hope Vibes Inc, there are MANY black-led, black serving nonprofits in #Charlotte who are DOING THE WORK and refuse to turn a blind eye where others choose to walk away. Pick some and support them in big ways!

UPDATE: My new friend “Jama” has mental issues but one issue he won’t have at least for tonight is… he won’t be hungry. Thankfully, he likes burritos! One day, I’ll also be able to say… hey bro I have somewhere for you to stay too and a team to help you get on track with where you want to be in life.

Preggo Sidebar: I got really hungry during the presentation. I couldn’t wait for the snacks and socializing afterwards lol.

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