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Microban® does a creative sock drive in Colorado.

In June, an awesome partnership took place. Microban®, who is the global leader in antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification technologies, did more than just destroy order but they set out to have an impact in the lives of our homeless neighbors in the Charlotte and surrounding area. While at Outdoor Retailer, a trade show in Colorado, they devised a creative why to collect socks for our neighbors in need. They developed a basketball game in which a person would toss in a hoop a pair of socks for a pair of their Scentry Revive-treated socks. The donated socks with hit the streets and onto the feet of those who need them. Check out the Microban® for more infomation and check out the Mr. Stinky video ... its super funny! Hope Vibes and Microban® make an awesome team. Consider partnering with us!

"Day one at Outdoor Retailer is almost over! Stop by booth 1004-LL where we're collecting new socks to donate to Hope Vibes Inc—donate a clean pair and we’ll give you a pair of Scentry Revive-treated socks to trial yourself! #giveapairgetapair"

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