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Reason 2

Reason #2 I met Auntie Joyce for the first time this weekend. And she rolled up with #snackbags and individually packaged slices of #pizza without even being asked. The neighbors were soooo excited and #thankful. It's a blessing when people see a need and say "I got you covered."

Usually we don't have enough #volunteers to adequately cover just having conversations with the #homeless and being available for those who want #prayer. This time, with everything going on, we had more than enough.... And I saw volunteers spending quality time with the #neighbors. I saw them giving hugs, high fives, words of encouragement, group prayers. I wish you could have seen it! I talked to a young lady who was in her 20s and had been living on the streets for two years. And she told me that our presence there gave her #hopeand encouraged her to keep trying and pushing to #change her situation. Then the faces of neighbors who were in shock, that we weren't afraid or ashamed to touch them and talk to them. It was so powerful. It was powerful because it was affirming their value, their dignity, their humanity.

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