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Serve Day : 2 for 1

Today was a 2 for 1 👀👀👀

Our amazing Hope Vibes #volunteers hung in with us for 4 hours in the rain at one of the larger tent encampments in uptown #Charlotte!

Afterwards, we had a meeting with leaders and now a small portion of our team is currently out at an encampment near Tuckaseegee to give neighbors in that area an opportunity to shower and wash their clothes.

It’s been a long day but well worth it. When people come up and say they haven’t had a shower in months, regardless of the reasons why, we’re glad that we’re able to show up where it’s needed most.

Shout out to our amazing #ServeDay team leaders who make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on Serve Days... 😘 Monique, Regina, Shannon, Brent, Cynthia, Abdul, Jeremy, and Melissa.... THANK YOU!!!

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