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Serve Like A Child!

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to serve some of our homeless neighbors. Some living on the #streets, some living at the women’s shelter. A whirlwind of #ladies, #children, #volunteers, #hygiene items, clothing and hope all combined into a beautiful display of #conversation and needs met. During this time, the cutest little girl found ”her boots,” but she needed help. Without any direction from an adult a young teenage volunteer sees that this precious girl needs assistance trying her boots on. He gently sits her down in a chair and begins to take her sneakers off and helps her put on her glittery pink boots. These boots where made for this girl! The girl probably doesn't know or even understand her living situation. All she cares about is her new #boots. She wore those boots with so much pride, it was like a beam of light glowing from her face. The young volunteer helped her down and a mini fashion show occurred as the little girl showed off her boots. Her mother says ”its 90 degrees out here why you got those boots on”... The little girl simply says ”they are my boots” and dances away.

Let's be on the lookout for opportunities to serve others. If you have children, let them see you serving and find opportunities for them to serve as well. Find ways to #GiveHopeDaily

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