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Mobile Sinks for our homeless neighbors

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

So what sparked this??? We saw two articles about mobile sinks... one in Atlanta and one in South Africa. With #hygiene being one of our top priorities, we realized we needed to figure out a way to make this happen for our #homeless neighbors here in #Charlotte.

Mobile sinks were sold out across the country, so we decided we’d build our own! 🤷🏽‍♀️ We’ll be adding a different, innovative spin on our #HopeSink so stay tuned on the details 👀👀🥰

The goal is provide these to tent communities as needed. If you know of any locations that could use this let us know by sending us a message.


#GiveHopeDaily Charlotte Is Creative

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1 Comment

Ep Lawrence
Ep Lawrence
Jul 21, 2020

While I gave not been able to come out and join the team on serve day over the last few months, I have been pushing the organizations name out for awareness and publicity as well as clothing donation. Will get with you before the next serve day to drop off what I’ve collected for our shelter. Blessings to you all. For your great work .

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