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Starbucks Gives 50k to Hope Vibes

Today is International Coffee Day and you know we LOVE coffee over here in the world of #HopeVibes LOL! With that being said, it’s the perfect time to celebrate one of our amazing supporters! We are soooo thankful for the ongoing partnership we’ve had with Starbucks over the last couple of years. They not only provide coffee and sweet treats at our #ServeDay events on a regular basis, but they actually stay around and SERVE! Often, you’ll find Starbucks partners working the #HopeTank laundry center, cleaning showers, helping with distribution of hygiene items or just having one-on-one conversations with some of our neighbors currently experiencing homelessness.

Starbucks partners are so enthusiastic about serving and sharing their experiences giving back with Hope Vibes that we’ve even received multiple grants over the past two years from The Starbucks Foundation. In fact, in July we were awarded $9,000 through their annual Neighborhood Grants program because of the numerous referrals written on behalf of Hope Vibes!

So many Hope Vibes partners regularly serve with and share about Hope Vibes that The Starbucks Foundation team reached out to us back in August to learn more about our work and mission. They shared with us that in the past two years, Hope Vibes has received one of the most nominations for funding among nonprofit organizations in the ENTIRE COUNTRY! In recognition of the meaningful impact we are making in the community, they decided to help us scale our efforts and our impact by awarding us another $𝟱𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬 this month!!!! 🎉🤭🎉 Their award will help us add additional Serve Day opportunities in various locations each month to ensure that our neighbors currently living on the streets, in cars and in tent camp communities have equitable access to showers, laundry, hygiene supplies and other essentials more frequently! The Starbucks Foundation award also helps us cover expenses for a second year at our new Hope Vibes #InnovationHub!

We are so thankful for the support of The Starbucks Foundation AND the many Starbucks Partners who volunteer with us, advocate for us, serve on committees for Hope Vibes special projects and so much more! Thank you Starbucks for 50 years of great coffee and community impact! 💚

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