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The Hope Tank has arrived!!!!

By: Uchenna Le ChenChen

Today was no ordinary day.

Even the weather knew to give way to the special launch of the #HopeTank, Adrienne C. Threatt and Emmanuel Threatt‘s brain child and first of its kind in the US with interiors finessed largely by Shadow 1 Painting (wow!)

The Hope Tank is a bathroom and laundry unit created to serve our homeless neighbors right here in Charlotte. But it isn’t just about soap and bubbles (although there is a lot of that), this amazing unit will be delivering to our homeless population something that they are starved of, something we all take for granted - the dignity of privacy and hygiene. It’ll be delivered right here in this tank created with luxury in mind. The inside is far from clinical. Just as they envisioned it to be, the Hope Tank “feels just like home!” - Adrienne Threatt.

This is big, guys! It’s huge! We have such a huge homeless population in Charlotte. It makes no sense. But thank God with these two and your support, we can really turn things around and bring some dignity, love and care into our community (and one day the world).

Support is needed. We need more tanks like this, sponsorship for the homeless, hygiene kits, and much more. The need is great, and so is the work it’ll take to get there.

Check out Hope Vibes Inc to find out how you can support them and their amazing leadership team through volunteering and/or donating.

Very special shout out to Monique Johnson for being at the frontlines with us volunteers. Her OCD is very well managed and is an absolute relief to be well matched in that area. Thank you for making me feel normal, Monique and for pulling off something so beautifully presented. 💜💜 #ocdsisters

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