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Abby’s 1st time at Hope Vibes

Hope Vibes Triad update!

We began our first serve day of the year with a bang!!!

It was rainy, cold and it felt hopeless…

Wait, what?

Lemme explain…

Canvassing to bring hygiene items to our homeless neighbors on any given day is special. Special because it means we get to see and be eye to eye with fellow human beings that deserve kindness, dignity, compassion and respect. (That’s not ever going to get old.)

The smiles, the hugs, the fist bumps, the look and statements of “what y’all doing out here or what y’all got?” is priceless… And the tiny gesture we bring as donations is really never enough…but our homeless neighbors receive them with so much joy! The conversations even though short creates connection and trust.

It’s great to serve on special occasions and special holidays, but our goal is to someday soon serve every week, and every time we can provide some sense of relief for someone hurting.

This year, this year, I’ll say it again THIS YEAR…..We will have a new Hope Tank for the #homeless in the Triad! Showers and laundry service for them is a necessary step in the right direction. They want it, and we(including you reading this) can provide this!

After serving a little over 3 dozen people on Sunday that cold, and that rain, was overcome with a little touch of Hope Vibes! Will you join the family?

Donate financially to Hope Vibes Triad, and host a #hygiene drive at your #job, #school, #business or #organization.

Much love and #GiveHopeDaily!!!

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