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We are coming for “Angela’s” tears…of joy!

“Angela” (not her actual name) was cheesin’…her smile was from ear to ear when she saw us pull up with the Hope Van! She asked “what do you got for us today?” We said, “what do you think we have?”

(By the way, if you’ve gotten this far reading, a few things to note. I’m not using “Angela’s” real name out of respect for her. And the question in response to her question was a banter question/response because they know us now and she pretty much knew what we had.)

We said, “the usual: ice cold water, toilet paper, loaded hygiene packs with a snack, laundry bags, and socks!”

She said, “I need all of those!”😊

Today, Hope Vibes Triad went out to canvass and give some relief to our unhoused neighbors on a sweltering hot day! We saw over 60 individuals who only expressed gratitude for what we had to give and for actually being out there with them.

For toilet paper…

Let that sink in.

Gratitude for a roll of TP…

After this day of service the volunteers got together for lunch and we discussed one thing we learned about the day.

One of our first time volunteer shared how fearful they were at first to interact with the homeless. But, quickly realized how wrong they were about being in fear. Our volunteer experienced seeing kindness from them, and even them sharing with one another.

So, to recap: being out in the community giving out really inexpensive products to folks that many times feel unloved, uncared for and forgotten, produced: smiles, laughter, gratitude, friendship, kindness, trust and the removal of fear among people from different backgrounds and lifestyle.

We got a smile out of “Angela” and so many others.

When the newly just purchased Hope Tank 🚛 rolls into the triad with two full bathrooms, 3 washers and 3 dryers, with tables of free hygiene products, partnered with local barbers to cut hair, local cleaners to provide clothes, local churches and organizations to provide food, local healthcare to provide medicine, local social workers to provide mental health, and the fire department to provide water, just to name a few…

We are coming for “Angela’s” tears…of joy!

Come and see. It will be done!

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