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Help Hope Vibes provide kids in Charlotte warm coats for the Winter...

A few months ago, Manny and I learned of an inner city community right here in Charlotte, NC called Thomasboro. Like many of you, we'd never even heard of this community and the unrecognized needs of many families there... many of which are living in financial distress ... some facing housing instability. After our friend Bo Frowine told us about this community, it was on my heart and in my prayers in a heavy way for weeks. But I'm not one to stop at prayer only. I believe in prayer + action.

When I realized that there were so many children in that community who don't have the basic necessity of simply having a coat in the winter, I knew this was a need that our community could meet EASY! So we decided to partner with our friends at Operation Warm and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center to ensure that every child at Thomasboro Academy has a brand new coat for the winter! YES... the entire school! Help Hope Vibes Inc raise a minimum of $2k towards the total cost of this project to make sure not one child in this #school is without a coat this winter.

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