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Hope Vibes, LendingTree & The New Innovation Hub

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Ok sooooo we have some crazy exciting news! Many of you have been on this Hope Vibes journey for a long time! Some of you were there with us when we first starting packing hygiene kits in 2017. Some of you were around when we started publicly sharing the vision of the Hope Tank in 2018 on to the actual launch of the Hope Tank in 2020. And we can’t forgot the solar sinks & the impact these resources have had on our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Well today marks another major milestone for Hope Vibes! We officially picked up our keys to the new Hope Vibes Innovation Hub! This artistic, creative space will be where we house all of our supplies for our neighbors, develop & build out new ideas to help those in need & the Give Hope Daily storefront. We are so thankful to our friends at LendingTree Foundation who learned of our need and was willing to invest a portion of their $30k grant to the launch of this space!

We are super excited to share this part of the journey with you all! The renovation of the space itself will be a work in progress but we can finally begin to move out supplies from our living room, two storage units & other friends’ spaces lol. We are extremely grateful for all the support & will be needing help to make the move so be on the look out soon for more information. If you’d like to support the launch of the Hope Vibes Innovation Hub, go to

LendingTree Foundation


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