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Look Up

By: Uchenna Le ChenChen

Isn’t it just like life, the ups and downs.

One minute it’s laughs, next minute it’s frowns.

Even when the joke is on them, the make you the clown.

The richest one in love, but the brokest one in the town.

It wasn’t always like this, wasn’t always this way.

You used to have a 9 to 5, and worked it every single day.

Morning and night you did your part, down on your knees to pray.

No telling then that one day your skies would turn from blue to gray.

Something happened suddenly. A blow hit your chest.

You were minding your business, but life rolled up with stress.

In isolation you lost hope, your good habits and rest.

You thought all you had left to hold onto were drugs and distress.

Then you tried once. No, you tried twice to take your own life.

So sick of being sick and tired, your bitterness was rife.

The shame of poverty was haunting and relief was a knife.

Sharp end to your neck - your aim was to end all of the strife.

There in a dark alley, knife in hand, head hovered over by flies.

Beaten down in despair, your head swimming with lies.

Until a bang by the dumpster interrupted your cries.

“Look up. It is us! Over here. Your friends from Hope Vibes.”

The End (but not even close)

PS: This is why you give. 💙💜🤍

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1 Comment

Rizwan Mohiuddin
Rizwan Mohiuddin
May 09, 2021

Mashaallha you are doing good job love from India 🇮🇳

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